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Admissions Process


Contact us to schedule a tour and interview. Individualized education is what we do, and it is important that we ensure we can meet your student's needs before proceeding with enrollment.


Complete an enrollment contract and fill out all your student information on School Cues. You will be given further instructions for completing this step after the in-person interview. 


Pay $250 non-refundable deposit (one-half of $400 curriculum usage fee + $50 registration fee). The remaining half of curriculum usage fees will be due at Back-To-School Night along with first month's tuition.

Once your enrollment is complete, we will confirm via email.

Pricing & Scholarships


2023/2024 Tuition (billed monthly Aug-May): 

  • K-2: $520 / month

  • 3-8: $500 / month

  • 9-12: $550 / month

2024/2025 Tuition (billed monthly Aug-May): 

  • K-2: $620 / month

  • 3-8: $575 / month

  • 9-12: $635 / month

Curriculum Usage Fees: $400 annually

Half is due upon enrollment. The other half is due at Back-To-School Night or the student's first day of school, whichever occurs first.

Registration Fees: $50 annually

Due upon enrollment.


In the State of Arizona, you can have all your tuition covered by scholarships.

  • Apply for the Empowerment Scholarship today online.  

  • Interested in the tax credit program? You can learn more at the Arizona Department of Revenue website. 

  • Note: You can do either Empowerment Scholarship OR tax credits, not both.

Contact us if your have questions about the Empowerment Scholarship or tuition tax credits.

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