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Admissions Process




Contact us to schedule a tour and interview. Individualized education is what we do, and it is important that we ensure we can meet your student's needs before proceeding with enrollment.

Complete the enrollment form and memo of understanding. Send them to braeden@libertyyouthacademy.com along with a copy of your student's:

  • Birth certificate

  • Immunization record or waiver

Pay $200 non-refundable deposit (one-half of $300 curriculum usage fee + $50 registration fee). The remaining half of curriculum usage fees will be due at Back-To-School Night along with first month's tuition.

Once your enrollment is complete, we will confirm via email.



Arizona has a couple incredible programs to help cover the cost of private school.


Here is a summary of the programs, but you can contact us to learn more about them.

Tuition Tax Credits:

Friends, family, and neighbors can re-direct their Arizona state tax liability to help pay for tuition costs, and they can recommend your child by name as the recipient! Everyone can take advantage of this incredible program, and we can help you learn the ins and outs.

Empowerment Scholarship:

The Empowerment Scholarship is more limited in regards to who qualifies, but it is a great program if you do qualify.


Your child might qualify if he or she attended public school 100 days of the prior school year (or is entering Kindergarten) and meets one of the following conditions:

  • Has an MET, IEP, or 504 plan

  • Parent is active duty military

  • Parent is blind, deaf, or hard of hearing

  • Attends a D or F rated school

  • Resides within a Native American reservation

  • Was a ward of the court

  • Received ESA previously

  • Is the sibling of an ESA recipient

Visit the Empowerment Scholarship's website to learn more and apply.



2022-2023: $415 per month, Aug - May

Curriculum Usage Fees: $300 annually

Half is due upon enrollment. The other half is due at Back-To-School Night or the student's first day of school, whichever occurs first.

Registration Fees: $50 annually

Due upon enrollment.

Discounts and Trade



We offer two different discounts. You can choose one or the other, but not both.

  • 10% off if you prepay the entire year's tuition in August.

  • If you have multiple children enrolled in the same school year, tuition is $415 /mo. for the first child and $370 / mo. for each subsequent child.


We would love for all those who want a Liberty Youth Academy education to be able to attend. Contact us if you would like to explore trade options.