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NEW PASTURES: Private School Heads North So It Can Grow



Liberty Youth Academy

Braeden Hayes



April 6, 2022


NEW PASTURES: Private School Heads North So It Can Grow

[GREEN VALLEY, AZ – March 30, 2022] — School pivots to nonprofit after denied SBA loan for being ‘too religious’; expansion underway to allow for more students.

Liberty Youth Academy (LYA) is a private school, dedicated to providing the future leaders of our country an education that reenthrones faith, family, and freedom. They have seen a surge in demand for their services in recent years, with one location in Southern Utah and another in Southern Arizona. LYA began a major expansion project over a year ago but were ultimately denied a loan from the federally backed Small Business Association because they are “too religious.” They reorganized as a nonprofit, and plan to fund the building and expansion projects through charitable contributions.

“Students need an education that meets them wherever they are and helps them grow. This school does that with small class sizes, loving mentors and, to me the most critical, inviting God and Country into the classroom. I get to know my students’ personalities and where they are in each subject. I get to partner with parents to help discover each student’s unique, God-given talents and mission and provide an education that supports them. This environment lets children keep their whole identity and not feel like they have to leave God, their family’s values, or their love for America at the schoolyard gate. I absolutely love seeing my students becoming the leaders our communities and country so desperately need,” Braeden Hayes, director, and teacher.

LYA is reaching out to patriotic Americans with financial resources who want to help support something that, if allowed to grow and expand, will change the trajectory of this great nation. They are inviting you to join a movement and a mission that has as its sole aim, educating the leaders our country desperately needs to bring our country back to its roots - faith in God, family as the fundamental unit of society, and the principles of freedom found in the divinely inspired US Constitution.

Liberty Youth Academy is a private school that combines the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with a classical leadership education experience through individual mentoring, a study of classical literature and original documents, and by bringing children "face to face" with the great leaders, both men and women, of the past.


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